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$194,059 Raised for Scholarships from 2006-2019

Scholarship Foundation of Indian River County’s Football Classic was an annual fund-raising held at a football game between Vero Beach High School’s Fighting Indians and Sebastian River High School’s Sharks. Scholarship Foundation hosted a VIP Event where guests could enjoy a catered BBQ with all the fixings and then enjoy the Big Game from our tent on the sidelines.

Held annually for 14 years from 2006-2019, the annual event raised a GRAND TOTAL of $194,059.29 for scholarships which have been awarded to students of Indian River County. Scholarship Foundation is grateful to the many organizations and individuals who helped sponsor this event over the years and to the schools and teams for their support by hosting the games and providing a portion of the gate receipts to support scholarships.

The inspiration of SRHS’s Athletic Director Michael Stutze, a former Scholarship Foundation recipient and then Board Member, the event was inaugurated in 2006 as the Dollars for Scholars Kickoff Classic. It continued to be played as a pre-season game between the two Indian River County high schools until 2009.

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2006 –VBHS Citrus Bowl - $ 9,535.33

2007 – VBHS Citrus Bowl - $13,186.34

2008 – SRHS Shark Stadium

2009 – SRHS Shark Stadium -$13,905.97

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Beginning in 2010, the Kickoff Classic was renamed to the Dollars for Scholars Football Classic and was played as a regular season game. The game rotated each year between Vero Beach High School Citrus Bowl Stadium and the Sebastian River High School Sharks Stadium. When the game was played in Vero Beach it was played the 1st game of the season. In Sebastian it was the 9th game of the season.


2010 – VBHS Citrus Bowl - $20,619.86

2011 –SRHS Shark Stadium - $14,593.56

In October 2011, the School Board voted and principals have now agreed that the Dollars for Scholars Football Classic will always be played the first game of the regular season and at VBHS Citrus Bowl, with each school rotating each year as host school.

2012 – VBHS Citrus Bowl - $20,101.68

2013 – SRHS Shark Stadium - $14,507.77


In 2014, the event was renamed the Scholarship Foundation of Indian River County Football Classic after the organization changed its name from Dollars for Scholars.

2014 – VBHS Citrus Bowl - $16,955.35

In 2015, there was another change to the Classic, with the school’s deciding the games would be played as the last game of the season and again rotated between Citrus Bowl and Shark Stadium.

2015 – SRHS Shark Stadium - $10,151.24

2016- VBHS Citrus Bowl - $19,030.96

2017- SRHS Shark Stadium - $5,958.00

2018- VBHS Citrus Bowl - $8,498.35

In 2019, the game was again held as a Kickoff Classic

2019- SRHS Shark Stadium - $10,197.71

2020- No event because of COVID-19

Both VBHS and SRHS have decided that they will no longer play each other as a Football Kickoff or Regular game. We look forward partnering with the high schools on another opportunity to support scholarships through a school-related event in the future.

VIP tent provides prime spot for watching the big game.

Click here for more pictures of prior year's events.


Football Classic Scores

2019: VBHS 41 - SRHS 0
2018: VBHS 21 - SRHS 0
2017: VBHS 34 - SRHS 6
2016: VBHS 28 - SRHS 6
2015: VBHS 14 - SRHS 10
2014: VBHS 35 - SRHS 6
2013: VBHS 42 - SRHS 7
2012: VBHS 27 - SRHS 0
2011: VBHS 26 - SRHS 14
2010: VBHS 28 - SRHS 10
2009: SRHS 14 - VBHS 10
2008: VBHS 21 - SRHS 6
2007: VBHS 21 - SRHS 6
2006: SRHS 26 - VBHS 7