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How to Apply - Class of 2023

We are now accepting applications for the Class of 2023. Please review the information at Who Can Apply about the qualifications for the scholarships we offer and please apply if you feel you meet these requirements. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are currently able to provide awards to ALL applicants who meet our academic criteria, demonstrate readiness to succeed in college and have unmet need for the college they will attend.

The Scholarship Foundation application process has three parts. Click on the links below, which are highlighted in blue, to access the required forms which you will need to print out and complete. If you prefer, you may click to access and print All Instructions and Forms.

Part One: Online Application due by Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

Click here to REGISTER and LOGIN to our online system.

Complete the application, then follow the instructions to SUBMIT it and PRINT a copy of your submission to turn in with your Part Two: Supplemental Materials.

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Part Two: Supplemental Materials by February 3, 2023 and Intake Interview by February 8, 2023

  1. Make an appointment to drop off documents using our online application system.
  2. Submit Part Two paperwork by February 3, 2023. Applicants are requested to drop off their documents in person. College students or those who for some reason would have difficulty getting to our office in person may make arrangements to have a parent drop off their documents.
  3. When you drop off your documents, we will make an appointment with you for your Intake Interview.
  4. Complete Intake Interview by February 8, 2023. You are welcome to have one or both parents join you for the interview as we will talk about how you are planning to pay for college.

Click here to go to the Part Two: Document Requirements.

Part Three: Turn in as soon as complete, but no later than at your Financial Interview

Applicants who meet Parts One and Two deadlines and are selected based on a review of residency, academic standing, financial need and readiness to succeed in college will be invited to a Financial Interview.

You will receive an email with an invitation and appointment time for an interview in March or early April. You will need to confirm and attend your interview to be eligible for a scholarship.

At your interview, you must be accompanied by one or both of your parents or guardians (unless you are an independent student).

You must complete your file by turning in all Part Three documents you have not already submitted.

Click here to go to the Part Three: Document Requirements.


Complete and submit your application EARLY, well before our deadlines. We can help you resolve issues any issues. Applications submitted at the deadline will not have the benefit of this time to resolve any issues and may not be accepted.

Follow all instructions carefully. Call or email or stop by our office, and we will help you resolve any issues you are having with any aspect of financial aid. We want you to succeed!

Schedule your document drop-off appointment when you submit your online application. You will have a choice of appointment times, which run between January 9 and February 3. When you drop off your documents, we will set a time for your Intake Interview.

Part Two: Document Requirements

No application will be accepted unless ALL of the following documents (except those indicated as OPTIONAL or for specific applicants only) are received in our office before or at your document drop-off appointment.

  • Application Checklist [Form 1a]. Lists all required documents. Check off your submissions, sign and date and, unless you are classified as an independent student on your SAR, have a parent sign and date.
  • Printout of your submitted Online Application [Form 1b]. This is the application completed in Part One. Print your final copy AFTER you SUBMIT the application online.
  • Academic Hardship statement. OPTIONAL, if you wish to supplement the information supplied on Form 1b.
  • A small Picture of yourself. Any small portrait or candid to help us recognize you. Staple to your checklist.
  • Resume of Extracurricular Activities and Honors [Form 1c]. This must be submitted on this form, neatly handwritten, or you may download and type into the MS Word version.
  • Academic Resume [Form 1d]. You must use this form, neatly handwritten, or you may download and type into this MS Word version.
  • Paying for College Worksheet [Form 1e]. This first look at your budget must be submitted on this form, neatly handwritten.
  • Financial Hardship Form [Form 1f]. OPTIONAL, if you wish to provide more information about your current financial need.
  • Sealed HS Transcript(s), for HS Seniors and college students with fewer than 48 credits earned in college by the end of spring 2021 semester and/or your College Transcript (for all HS graduates).
  • Counselor's Report of your GPA and test scores (HS seniors and college students with fewer than 48 credits earned in college by the end of the spring 2023 semester.) If your school does not have a counselor's report, you must provide us provide your test scores.
  • 2021 Tax Returns for you and your parents.
  • Student Aid Report (SAR), generated from the FAFSA website. File your 2023-2024 FAFSA online as soon as the system opens on October 1. Print your SAR, check it for any issues noted and then follow up promptly on any issues as well as requests for additional documentation.
  • Florida Bright Futures registration form, generated from the Bright Futures website after you register. REQUIRED FOR ALL HS SENIORS, whether or not you expect to qualify.
  • Florida Prepaid and other 529 Plan statements. REQUIRED FOR THOSE ENROLLED in one or both of these plans.
  • Richardson supplemental materials. REQUIRED FOR HS SENIORS APPLYING FOR RICHARDSON AWARDS. Refer to Who Can Apply to see if you are qualified to apply. If applying, the following must be submitted with your Part Two materials.
    • Leadership essay (500 words)
    • Service essay (200 words)
    • Two recommendations (teacher and community individual; ask recommenders to give to you in sealed envelopes for you to submit with Part Two.)

Part Three: Document Requirements

These documents should be turned in as soon as you have made your final school decision. They are do no later than your financial interview. If you have no made your final decision, we ask you to complete these documents for each school you are still considering